Plush Goodness in the House!


Today I am so excited to share the latest addition to my plush collection: Graham the Rarebit, made by the wonderful Leeanna of Plush Goodness:

Isn't he glorious? I have been a big fan of Leeanna's work ever since I have been a part of the Plush Team. And when I got the opportunity to see her plush in person at the Candyland Show, they were even more amazing (if that's even possible)! When Leeanna inquired if I'd be willing to do a plush swap, I didn't even need to give it a second thought.

I loved the retro styling she gives some of her creations, so that was my only request - I didn't want to hinder the greatness that is Leeanna. And boy, she didn't disappoint. When I received Graham last week, I was so excited I don't even want to tell you what I did...

The fabrics are so fun, and his face is so adorable, but what really blows me away are her attention to details. Take a look at all of the accessorizing happening here:

He's wearing a belt, complete with belt loops! And a corsage! And he has a lovely little patch with a hand-stitched "L" on his back. Pinned to Graham was a fun Plush Goodness pin and custom ribbon. And did I mention the hand-drawn hangtag and story?

It's Graham's greatest wish to become a celebrated folk singer like his idols from the 1960s. Despite being tone deaf and unable to play the guitar, Graham still sings along with the radio, and occasionally torments his friends with off-key renditions of "Judy BlueEyes". He also loves to dress in clothes reminiscent of the 60s - an ode to Flower Power.

Aw, I love him so much! Before I saw him, I thought I might let Stella play with him a bit. But now that he is in my hands, sorry kiddo - I'm not sharin'!

So if you get a chance, I highly encourage you to check out Leeanna's shop, Plush Goodness and her fun blog. And if you are looking for some unique portraits for your family or for a gift, look at what else she can do: Plushcatures! She is one talented lady.