Home Ec : Fabric Cubby

Yes! I've finally completed a few more Home Ec projects. I figured I should probably get crackin', since the tutorials are only available for a couple more months.

I decided to skip the Ruffled Duvet Cover, since we only have one bed and I'm saving it for the quilt. I'm sure with my little Princess Stella, I'll have plenty of opportunities to hone my "ruffling" skills.

So here's the next project on the list - the Fabric Storage Cubby. I decided to make it fit my super duper Expedit bookcase from IKEA. I never realized just how big the compartments were until I made a box to fit them!

I got to work with some stiff stabilizer for this one, which wasn't too bad until I had to sew up the final sides - it really didn't want to fit around the arm of my sewing machine. But I ended up prevailing in the end! And now I have a nifty floral box to prove it.