Home Sweet Home

I know I've been talking about it for months, but we finally moved into an adorable little house in Madison, Wisconsin. The move wasn't far, only about 25 miles or so, but Stephen and I both spend a lot of time in Madison, and the commute was getting a bit long.

We're so excited! We moved into an amazing neighborhood right in the heart of Madison. We can see the bike path from our back deck and we're within walking distance of so many parks, grocery stores, yummy restaurants and our friends that we're hardly going to have to use our car anymore. That will be a big difference from living in Mount Horeb. 

At some point I'll post some pics of the new digs, but for now I'll give ya a sneak peak of my view from my computer in my new office/sewing room:

I have the sunniest room in the house for my workspace which is fantastic. But it also means it gets REALLY hot during these steamy summer days. But I'm not complaining. All the natural light totally makes up for the heat.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!