Custom Fuzzy Family

Did you know that I do custom Fuzzies? Lately I've had several requests to make Fuzzies out of a loved one's clothing - such a special keepsake, if I might say so myself.

This wonderful little family was an example of a custom request. In addition to the "typical" outfits my Fuzzies wear, I patched in a t-shirt on their backs, too. You can see the t-shirts on the fish and elephant. I was also asked to embroider some initials on the outfits.

I really enjoy working with customers to get them exactly what they want. Including these little "extras" make the Fuzzies even more special and unique.

And, yup! There's a fish - the newest addition to the Fuzzy animal line-up.

So if you're ever interested in getting an extra-special Fuzzy for someone in your life, let me know! I would love to help you out.