Daily Animal Doodle #10

Today I drew a Bison.

I'll be honest: I wasn't the most excited for this one when I read the assignment. There wasn't a lot of pattern to play around with...they're all brown and kinda sad looking. In fact, I thought their environment would be more exciting - with the majestic mountains and big blue skies.

But as I started drawing I discovered all of the wonderful textures! They're shaggy up front, nappy in the middle and smooth on the rump. And I invented a new texture for the midsection - I'm calling it 'The Brain' because I just swirled back and forth, up and down and round without picking up my pen as one long continuous bumpy line. (Kinda like that last run-on sentence. Yikes.)

Okay, enough chatting.
I'm really happy with how Mr. Bison turned out! And I didn't find it necessary to put him in any environment - I thought he was interesting enough without it.

Yay for doodling!