Daily Animal Doodles #24 and #25

Hello and Happy Weekend! I hope y'all are having a lovely one.

I spent my afternoon drawing #24 and #25 of the Daily Animal Doodles: Penguin and Cow. First off, Penguin:
Stephen's favorite animal (I think) is a penguin. I even got him a stuffed one when we first started dating. Aww! Maybe it's because it's the name of his hometown hockey team (Pittsburgh Penguins), or perhaps it's just because they're so darned cute. Either way, I decided to make them Love Penguins. Sappy, I know. But I'm allowed to be a little cheesy once in a while, right?
And then we have a cow. Yes, I meant to draw the tongue picking her own nose. That is because one of my more traumatizing childhood memories involves a purple cow tongue. My dad worked in a veal packing plant when I was growing up and he would occasionally bring me along to the office or to the barns. I would love going to the barns because I could pet all the cute little calves. He would discourage me from naming them, because, well...let's just say he didn't want me to get too attached. :-(  Anyways, I loved petting their soft noses between their eyes. One day, though, one of those cute calves must have liked me a little too much because he licked me square across my face. Ugh. Wet, purple calf tongue. Do you know where their tongues have been? See the above illustration.

Sweet dreams! Hopefully they don't involve cow tongue.