Daily Animal Doodles #26 and #27


Well, I'm almost caught up...and just in time for the end of the month. Today's doodles represented two opposite ends of the Earth - the [Mountain] Goat and the Shark.

I decided to go with a mountain goat because I got to meet a few while on a road trip out west. We were just leaving Mount Rushmore, and we came around a bend, and there they were - a family of mountain goats leaping gracefully down the side of the mountain. They decided to graze along the side of the road, so we pulled our car over to take pictures and get a closer look. They weren't afraid of us at all! They just looked at us as they munched the grass and gave us a little smile. I fell in love with the baby - it was so fluffy and adorable!

And here we have the mighty shark. I didn't want to go the gory route, so I went with their most famous feature - their teeth - and decided they probably needed good hygiene to keep their pearly whites sparkly clean!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!