First Day of School

Today is a big day for our family - Stella started preschool! Which means a new routine (for Stella AND me), no more sitter, new friends, PTO (!!!) and packed lunches. Stella was SO excited, I don't think she even cared that she was going to be leaving us. She just ran into the classroom and barely waved good-bye. Ho-hum. 

But it's great. We're so happy she's transitioning well. Better than screaming as we leave every morning, right?

Well, I won't bore you with all the lovey-dovey family details. I DO want to show you what I made for Stella's first day - a new backpack! I picked up some of Heather Ross's Far, Far Away III fabric while we were on vacation, because it just called for me: 'Oh Emily...Emily! Look at me! Look at how wonderful and perfect I am! You NEED to make me into something for Stella! And look! I have little girls playing ponies and cowgirls all over me - just like Stella! And I'm not a traditional pink and purple girly pattern! Oh, Emily!' Or something like that... so I decided to make it into a little backpack for her:

I used the Toddler Backpack Pattern from Made by Rae because of the smaller size. It's perfect for our little peanut. Though the combination of the smaller backpack and the spread-out cowgirls on the fabric was a little tricky - I wanted to include as many of the cowgirls as possible without cutting of their heads. I think I ended up with 3 on the front panel. I had some coral corduroy I had thrifted a while back which matched really well. I used that for the quilted bottom (which you can't see) and the padded straps. The unique color palette made it a little tricky to match the piping, zipper and nylon straps, but I think it ended up looking okay. 

The bag took a little longer than expected, but my goal was to finish it before Stella went to bed last night. When I finally brought it to her, she was SO EXCITED! Which is awesome, because I always fear that she won't like the things I put my whole heart and soul into. Plus, there aren't any Princesses or Tinkerbell on it, so that is an automatic mark against it. But she loved it so much - I could actually see her eyes light up when she saw it. She put it on and immediately ran about 8 circles around me. My heart melted.

Yay! Now we'll see how she does when I pick her up in a couple hours. I can almost guarantee there will be tears...