Inspiration: Seasons

I got my hands on the most amazing children's book at our library a couple weeks ago. It's called 'Seasons' by Blexbolex. I had originally spotted it here and was taken aback by the super-saturated color scheme. But to see it in is breathtaking.

I picked out a few of my favorite spreads to showcase. The illustrations come across as simple, but there is an amazing amount of detail upon closer inspection.  There are some really beautiful textures, and I really love how the great use of negative space - especially in the figures. And there is a bit of humor and whimsy sprinkled in to keep things interesting. I think the "Itchy" page is so fun! What a perfect description of summer - at least here in Wisconsin, where the mosquito is considered our honorary state bird... :-)

I know this isn't my typical post of late, but I thought this eye candy was too good not to share! If you're interested in a copy for yourself, you can find 'Seasons' here.