Doodle {Baboon}


I've decided I'm going to just pick and choose some animals from the list that I really want to do. My "real" work is picking up again, and it's becoming quite time consuming. But I don't want to forgo the Daily Animal Doodles all-together, so I figured this was a good compromise.

With that being said, D.A.D. #6 is a Baboon:

I really like the color palette of this one. Again, I'm trying to find a good balance between color shapes and linework. 

I chose the Mandril Baboon because of his unique facial features. My version looks pretty tame, but I have to say, after looking at reference photos, these guys often look quite scary with their teeth bared. I would definitely not want to run into one of them in the wild...

Hope you're having an excellent week,