Doodle {Heron}

Okay, I'm back with more Daily Animal Doodles. Since I was 100% for August, I figured I'd take it easy from here on out; not necessarily committing to EVERY assignment. But then tonight at 10:30, I'm looking at my computer, and I suddenly have the itch to doodle. 

This time around, I'm going to take a different approach. I'm going to concentrate more on color blocking than the linework. Last time, I'd do the sketch in my sketchbook, transfer it to the computer, and then color and finesse it in Photoshop, leaving the original sketch pretty much intact. Now I'm going to still utilize the initial sketch, but it will only be the framework for the blocks of color and minimal, only necessary linework. We'll see how this goes.

Today is a Heron:

It's simple, yet graphic. Hopefully it still exhibits some of my style, such as the eye and the uneven lines. 

I hope you had a great September 1st!