Renegade Chicago Lovelies


How was your weekend. Ours was wonderful. We traveled to Chicago for some IKEA and Renegade action. This was our first trip to IKEA since moving to the new house, so I needed some shelving to help me organize my office/studio. Plus some key accessories for around the house. Can you say red shag rug? Woo hoo!

Anyways, as always, Renegade was a blast. The sun was hot, but that didn't stop the throngs of people from some quality shopping! I didn't go too crazy this year, but I have to say - there were a LOT of very tempting booths.

This is what I took home with me:
- A set of Thank You cards from Yellow Owl Workshop
- A handful of cards from the awesome Tad Carpenter and Vahalla Studios 
- A necklace from cursive design
- A Wooden Wonder Loop Troupe from The Small Object

I didn't have much of a plan going in, but I was hoping to pick up a necklace from Cursive Design. I've been eyeballing Sarah's wares for a while now, but I really wanted to see it in person. Boy, was her jewelry beautiful! I picked out a pretty party necklace made out of wood, lace and glass. Isn't it fabulous?

Now hopefully I can keep Stella from yoinking on it...

Some of my other favorites were
- Moss terrariums from Twig
- Embroidered garland and mobiles from Specks & Keepings
- Rad necktie wallets from prix-prix
- Hand-dyed pillows from Prozan McGlinn 
- Prints from Little Things Studio
- Notebooks from Make My Notebook

I love Renegade!