Wyatt & Katie {Plush}

Well, I told you I'd be back with another Wyatt & Katie project! This one was super fun and extra special. Katie asked me if I would make some Bluestar Fuzzy "cake toppers" for their wedding reception. And even though they were serving cupcakes, the Fuzzies would still be sitting on the table serving up the yummy goodness.

If you've been following the Fuzzies at all, you'll know that I've never created likenesses of people (or animals) before. I'll admit, I was a little nervous. I didn't want to offend anyone with my plushy expressions or proportions! I got all the wardrobe details from Katie and set to work.

I wanted certain Fuzzy details to remain, such as the star, eyes and basic proportions, but I figured I could go wild with the rest of the specifics. I even got to sew scruff! It's hard to tell, but Fuzzy Katie is wearing pink TOMS and Fuzzy Wyatt is wearing charcoal Keens. So stylish, those two are!

Creating the plush happy couple was an amazing experience. I've seen some sneak peeks of the photographer's Fuzzy photos, so maybe in a few weeks I'll have some professional photos to share!

Have you ever thought about yourself as a plush? My mom pinned this clip from Sesame Street, and it got me thinking. I think the coolest thing EVER would have a Muppet likeness of myself. Wow. That would be SO rad. The second-coolest thing would have a Bluestar Fuzzy likeness...right?  Right?