J.Crew {Color Palette 1}

Have you seen the newest J.Crew catalog yet? The color combos in the first half of the catalog are a-maz-ing. Every turn of the page was more and more inspirational. I kept telling myself, 'I have to remember this palette!' as I flipped through.

I was going to do a little color breakdown of every page, but I thought it would be more fun to add a little illustration element to it. You know, why keep it simple, right? Here's my first sample, from page 03:

Please forgive the crappy quality. My scanner doesn't do a very good job, so I've been taking iPhone pics in lieu of scanning.

And my palette breakdown:

It's just a down-and-dirty illustration of the composition, with some color blocking to represent the palette. And now that I'm looking at the scan of the catalog, the pants on the right really are more teal than blue and the pants on the left are more rust than red. I'm just sayin'.

And a side note: As I'm writing this post, the tweets are flying about Project Runway. What's going on? Ugh! I hate having to watch it the next day. This is torture!