Project {Frisbee Golf Bags}


I am back with another random project I completed over the summer. A couple of Stephen's co-workers are avid frisbee golfers and expressed they'd love a sort of satchel to carry their discs (and anything else they'd like to carry with them). I figured I could probably help them out.

My challenge was coming up with a bag that was functional, yet manly enough that didn't look they were carrying purses. I also wanted it to be fairly low-profile, so they could wear it while throwing. This was my solution:

Even though I love patterned fabric, I felt it would be more masculine if the shell was solid, and incorporated the pattern into the lining. For some extra Bluestar pizazz, I hand-painted the shell to suit the guys' tastes. Typically I wouldn't hand-paint the fabric because it is SO time consuming, but since my screen printing studio STILL isn't set up yet, this was the only way I could get the desired effect. I added a pocket to the inside front for keys, drinks or any other incidentals. And the magnetic snap isn't visible from the outside...again, avoiding any embellishments that could make this bag look too girly.

All-in-all, I was pretty happy with how these turned out. And I figured I could always use the pattern to make myself a purse! But of course I'd add some extra pockets...A button or two...ya know - those little details that make a purse super cute!  :-)