Tattoo {Let Go}

Way back on a lovely Saturday afternoon in July, my friend Rebecca stopped by with an urgent request. Her 35th birthday was the next day and she had accidentally found that her surprise gift from her husband was going to be a trip to the tattoo parlor. Her husband didn't know she had found out, but she was happy she did. She didn't want to arrive at the parlor unprepared.

That's where I came in. She had a vision of what she wanted: the words 'let go' hidden in a script-y, vine-y design. She liked my illustration style, so she was hoping I could help her out on short notice.

Well, I'll be honest. This freaked me out. I'm all about tattoos (I have 3 myself), but the idea of my art on someone else's body PERMANENTLY is a lot of pressure. I've had several tattoo design requests in the past, but I've always somehow avoided executing them. (Sorry, friends if you're reading this...) But Rebecca seemed so desperate - she needed it that afternoon! I couldn't let her down. So I accepted, and went about sketching the concept. This is what we decided on:

I was happy about it, but it was still on paper - it's an entirely different matter, etched into someone's skin. But when I saw her the next evening at her birthday party, she was proudly showing off her new tat:

It looked so good! It looked like I drew right onto her arm with a Sharpie. Phew! What a relief. Now perhaps I should review all of those other tattoo concepts I owe people...