Halloween 2011 {Batgirl}

Over the last couple months, there has been a lot of talk about Halloween costumes in our house. For the first time, Stella was really getting into it, because I think she finally grasped the whole concept of dressing up in a costume for trick-or-treating. Given her current obsession with all things Disney Princess (!!!), we were sure she was going to pick one of them as her inspiration. Which would have been fine, but I had decided I was not going to make a princess dress, since they are so accessible this time of year. After going through the Princess line-up several times, she finally landed on Batgirl. And it stuck.

Now I can't tell you how excited Stephen and I were about this choice. It was so rad! Though we doubted her excitement would last until Halloween. But it did! Batgirl was here to stay. With her 'batty' choice, I figured I could definitely pull off making her costume. It probably wouldn't top last year's, but she wouldn't mind, right?

I was able to use a lot of regular clothing as the base of her costume: a long-sleeved black shirt, black leggings, a black knit hat, pink gloves, a pink belt and pink socks. Then I just appliqued a few pink bats, added some ears to the hat and threw together a cape. And there we have it - Batgirl!

Though the pink metallic material looks awesome, it kinda sucked to work with. Or maybe it was the light, crunchy nature of it compared to the heavy, stretchy knit that I was pairing it with. Either way, I learned a lot about those two fabrics - and they don't really like each other. And I didn't like them very much towards the end of making that cape. After only a few curse words, it all ended up working out in the end.

Stella had lots of fun wearing her costume, which validated all the hard work that went into it. Plus, she got some super-cool pink Chucks out of the deal, too! What kid wouldn't love that?

I'll leave you with this tender moment between cat and bat:

Did you all have a fun Halloween? Any good costumes? For handing out candy, I wore a neon blue wig under a witch's hat and painted my lips black. It was fun. I actually scared a couple kids which is always a bonus, right?