Kiddo's Artwork

Now that Stella is in school and is getting uber-interested in art (yay!), we have an ever-growing pile of her artwork. Of course we're not going to throw it away, but there is only so much room on our refrigerator to display it.

One way I've utilized it is by transforming it into Thank-You cards. I cut up her artwork into Letter-sized pieces, paste it onto a Letter-sized sheet of cardstock with Modge Podge, cut it in half, and vóila! A super-cute thank-you card. Not only does it look fun and colorful, but the recipient will get a little piece of original Stella art! Bonus, right? 

I also wrote "Thanks" with an oil pastel, but of course the message could be changed to suit different occasions.

Now I have to figure out ways of displaying some of her art on the walls - do you have any creative ideas, beyond framing it? That can get so expensive. I'd love to hear some of your thoughts...