Birthday Girl

Back in December, Stella turned 4. We had never thrown her a kids-only birthday party, so we thought it was about time! After discussing the potential theme, we decided on Fairies. Not Disney Fairies, per se...more like Woodland Fairies (though Tinkerbell made many appearances!). 

Woodland implies green, right? Unfortunately, December in Wisconsin means snow (though this year there wasn't a lot of snow, but it was still cold, and NOT green). So the party had to be kept indoors - which meant there were a lot of green decorations going on. I got crepe paper in 3 different greens and made a woodland entrance between the dining and living rooms. I attached little felt flowers all over the crepe paper and made big tissue paper butterflies to hang around the room.

Since a Fairy theme is pretty popular, I was able to find some DIY ideas for party favors on the internet. I made Dancing Ribbon Rings out of shower curtain rings and satin ribbon. We made Fairy Dust - filling plastic vials with multicolored confetti and attaching them to ribbons to hang around the kids' necks.

Instead of games, I'm all about crafting, of course! We prepped some ribbon-covered dowels and paper cutouts for the kids to decorate their own Fairy Wands with stickers, jewels, markers and ribbons. Then the kids got to make little Tinkling Bracelets and Anklets with bells and beads.

Stephen was amazing in the kitchen, whipping up some woodsy treats fit for fairies! This included Sticks (pretzel sticks), Spider Webs (string cheese strung out in web formations) and a variety of fresh berries served on large lettuce leaves. And for dessert, Toadstool Cupcakes! Those were so much fun to decorate, though it is REALLY hard to make a good red frosting!

The party ended up being a huge success and Stephen and I were EXHAUSTED afterwards. Of course, Stella was running circles around us as we collapsed on the couch, probably high on cupcakes, juice and presents. It was loads of fun. But unfortunately, these were my only photos! 

If any of you are interested in more How-To details, or where I got some of my supplies, I'd be happy to share. Let me know!

Have a fabulous weekend,