Custom Order {Beavers and More!}

Hello and Happy Spring!

A couple months ago I finished up my largest custom order to-date. It consisted of 11 Fuzzies, including a new request - Beavers! 

The new beaver fits into the Fuzzy animal crew perfectly, wouldn't you say? They require a few more details to make them Beaver-iffic such as a flat, quilted tail and some buck teeth, but I think they turned out SO cute! I can't wait to make more.

Like I've mentioned before, I love the challenge of custom orders. When people provide their own clothing/fabric, it can be a bit harder to portray the "Bluestar Style", but I think this group definitely pulls it off. Plus, I often get requests to personalize their Fuzzies even further!

For example, with this particular custom order, I personalized them in the following ways:

• I embroidered initials onto the back of each Fuzzy
• Patchworked t-shirt
• Every Fuzzy is stuffed with a special memento - in this case, a charity bracelet
• Special stitching - this recipient loves baseball, therefore some red baseball stitching

Every Fuzzy I make is unique. But with these additional details, they are even MORE special. I absolutely LOVE that!

Have a glorious weekend!