New Fuzzies {For Crystal}


Just popping by to write about some special custom Fuzzies I finished last Fall:

This was a fun bunch. Crystal provided me with some clothes, including a couple fabrics I haven't worked with yet - denim and a knit hat. I liked the challenge of manipulating these materials, and for the most part, they worked pretty well! The knit hat was tough, because I was afraid it would unravel. So I used ample amounts of fray check along the edges in hopes it would stay together.

I also utilized a couple pairs of socks for legs - I love the personal touch of the university logos! I had to be careful when stuffing them because they were super stretchy! I feel like I could have kept on stuffing forever, but that would have meant some fat legs! :-)

It's so great working on these custom Fuzzy orders because it pushes my comfort level. New materials or color combinations force me to think of creative solutions to maintain the "Bluestar" look. 

So, Otbie...Sully...Arbot and Happo - I hope you are enjoying your new homes!

Have a wonderful weekend,