New Screenprint {Holiday Card}


I just realized I completely forgot to share the Holiday card I made for our family for 2011! 

I decided I wanted to go with the somewhat non-traditional color combo of pink and red. I've always loved pink as a fun substitute for Christmas colors, and it seems to complement red and green fairly well. And of course, our family had to be included in the illustration!

Ho Ho Ho! The whole fam is doing the Laugh-In peek-through!

The process of creating the screens for this card was a screen printing first for me. I decided I was going to forgo the exposure box for burning the screens and instead, create both screens utilizing only drawing fluid and screen filler. This means I hand-painted both colors onto the screens. Because I chose to use this method, it isn't nearly as exact as burning the perfect image - but that's why I like it! The rougher, mis-aligned registration allows the imperfections of my brushstrokes to shine through.

One issue I had was some really wonky red ink. For some reason it was super globby - with almost a jello-like consistency. I thinned it out a bit, but the coverage still wasn't perfect and the red ended up printing with tiny little bubbles (white spots). If any of you screen printers out there have ever had this experience, please let me know what you did to solve the problem!

Other than that, I loved how they turned out. Stephen wrote the poem which he wrote in every card:

Moving, work, school...all kinds of fun
It seemed some days would never be done.
Now the Holiday season is officially here
And to you we send a whole bunch of CHEER!

And of course, they were sent in a matching red envelope. I love making our cards every year because I feel like it's a little piece of art that we send out. Yes, it's a lot of work, but it's one of those rare projects that Stephen and I can work on together and I really enjoy that - even if it IS stressful and MAY be the cause of some arguments...  :-)  But what would the holidays be without a little stress, right?