Plush Team Swap {Slothko}

I've only been on the Etsy Plush Team for about a year and a half now, but it didn't take long to realize my favorite team challenge is definitely the Swap. I believe it was originally planned for around Christmas time, but the holidays always prove to be an extremely busy time for plush artists (not to mention other artists as well!). So last year our exchange was in late January and this year it ended up being a Leap Day Swap - just to give us a bit more time to create our swap item.

It is a secret swap, so we all submit some fun facts about ourselves (favorite colors, favorite animals, favorite foods and smells, etc.) and then the Plush Team leaders pair us all up with our Plushee's info. This year I had the pleasure of making a Fuzzy for Denise of Yummy Pancake. She is so awesome! She makes some wonderful, hilarious crochet creatures which will put an automatic smile on your face. My personal faves are the Cheezburger Pouch and the Bread Cat Costume. So, so fun!

Anyways, when I got Denise's name, I was really happy. We actually have a lot in common! In particular, one of her favorite animals is the sloth. So of COURSE I'm going to make a sloth, since it is MY favorite animal, too! And I've never made one, but have always wanted to. What better excuse, right?

So, without further ado, meet Slothko:

Slothko struggles with the demands of two and science. Having only three
toes has made painting a struggle, even with her love of large blocks of color. And her love of science meant a career sometimes devoid of now she wants a friend who also understands her dilemma and can help bridge the disciplines.

I had so much fun making Slothko. Though it was challenging stuffing those long legs inside the body before I sewed him up and flipped him right-side-out. I may have to figure out a different method in the future.

And since sloths spend a lot of time hanging out in trees, I decided to sew some velcro on each of his feet so he can hang out just like the best of 'em.

If you want to read more about Slothko from Denise's perspective, check out her post on the Plush Team blog - it looks like he even made friends with her cats McPuffypants and Guinness. I'm happy to see he is settling into his new home!

Have a great day,