Do you Draw Something?


Today I am officially back on the interwebs after a 2-week social media hiatus. Between traveling and having WAY too much to do, I figured I didn't need all of the distractions of Twitter...and Facebook...and the Bloggery.

And though I had more than enough work to keep me busy, I couldn't help myself from being distracted by a new creative addiction: Draw Something. Are you familiar with this App?

About a month ago, our family purchased our first iPad. Up until then, I couldn't justify buying one when we already have a laptop, an iMac and 2 smart phones. Why would we need a tablet? When I finally caved and we bought one, I still figured of everyone in the house, I would use it the least. And for about a week, that theory held true. Then I discovered how much nicer it was to read all of my favorite blogs on the tablet than my phone. And then my friend turned me on to Draw Something. Now I'm using the iPad the most. Funny how that happens...

It's a drawing game, kinda like Pictionary. But in addition to drawing, there are also word scrambles acting as additional clues. I was hooked. I love drawing and I love Jumble. This game was the best of both games! Plus I can play with my friends - how fun is that?

salad • wrinkles • karate • Jay Z • time out • tower • ruby • zombie • groom

The tools are pretty basic - the Brush/Eraser tool comes in only 4 weights and there are only 4 colors...unless you buy more...which you pay for with the coins you earn by drawing and guessing correctly.

It took me a little practice, but I finally figured out a method of working with these primitive tools.  And now I can't get enough! It's getting to the point that I have to start limiting myself to 3 games per sitting, otherwise I swear I could spend hours drawing.

skydive • sunburn • gangster • canoe • messy • widow • beehive • salsa • game boy

Do you play? What do you think? Sure, it has it's quirks, but for the most part, I really enjoy it. And I am finding it's really challenging me creatively. Not only do I have to render these drawings without referencing another image, but I have to do it with a very limited "canvas". Plus I have to keep in mind someone needs to GUESS what I'm drawing. So is simplicity the key? Or lots of details? Finding that balance is key.

bling • slam dunk • steak • hotdog • ninja • leopard • uranus • lava lamp • strike

As I'm finishing this post I am retracting my aforementioned statement that I gave up social media for 2 weeks - Draw Something IS social media, isn't it? Eh. Since I'm drawing it's still considered "work", right?  :-)

If you're interested, I'd love to play with you, too! My handle is emilybluestar. 

Hit me up!