Gallery Night {Spring 2012}


I would like to invite y'all to Madison Museum of Contemporary Art Spring 2012 Gallery Night this Friday, May 4 from 5-9pm!

Why, do you ask? Because I will be participating at the Goodman Community Center

There will be some new Runts, some new illustrations in various sizes, some new Mother's Day cards, and hopefully some new bags! I am really excited to finally reveal what I have been so busy working on!

I also want to note my friends Bethany Nelson of Milkhaus Design and Nicky Ross of N-Star Studio will also be participating - their work is phenomenal, so you definitely need to check them out as well!

Whoa, there are a LOT of exclamation points in this post. Can you tell I'm excited? (Or maybe I'm really tired and need to overcompensate by using lots and lots of !!!!!)

Hopefully I'll see you Friday night. Directions to the Goodman Community Center can be found here: