Unicorns & Glitter!

In addition to lots of bike riding, gardening and chalk drawing, warmer weather means playing in the summer volleyball league! I have been playing with the same team for several years and I always look forward to spending week after week with my friends in this hot and sandy setting. This year we decided to change our team name to Unicorns & Glitter - super fun, right?

My friend and I decided that the name Unicorns & Glitter calls for colorful sparkly t-shirts. So I did a little research and found that we could each get a different colored shirt for screen printing our sweet unicorn logo. If I designed it in such a way that it was almost like a coloring book, then we could all paint our shirts with puffy paint. 

Shirts, waiting to be puffy painted

I haven't used puffy paint in probably 20 years, but there were lots of options, including glitter, iridescent and neon - perfect! We had a little t-shirt painting party where we all bedazzled our shirts. And boy, did they turn out awesome!

Puffy painting party
I wouldn't say we're the best team out there in terms of skills, but we sure do know how to have fun! And if nothing else, the glare of our glittery shirts in the sun has to help a little, too...right?

Team Unicorns & Glitter
And of course, our volleyball had to match, as well:

One of our super fans, Stella, holding the team ball
It's funny - I didn't think I could be more excited to play volleyball - until now!