New Project {Zoe's Nursery}

Remember this post when I showed a sneak peek of a big project I had been working on?

Well, I am finally able to reveal it in it's entirety. Yay!

Several months ago, our friend and local photographer, Andrea approached me about making some Fuzzies for her baby's nursery. Of course, I was totally on board! 

Andrea came up with the super fun color scheme of orange/teal/purple and a MONSTER theme! How cool is that? After discussing the rest of the decor with Andrea, we decided that in addition to the Fuzzies, I would also make her a custom monster mobile and some illustrated monster prints to supplement the theme. 

It was a big project, but it was great working with Andrea to see it through. She has a great eye for detail, and as she added more accessories to the room she looped me in so we could always be on the same page. We wanted to keep the balance of the 3 main colors in check. Knowing the rest of the plan (rug, lamp, rocker, crib bedding, etc) helped me coordinate my portion. It was a real team effort!

I created the Fuzzies first, as they would be the inspiration for the illustrations. When Stephen wrote the stories, the teal monster ended up chasing butterflies, and the orange monster was an extreme unicycle racer. So of course, the illustrations had to depict them in their natural environments!

And then we have the mobile. I was especially excited about this, since I have been toying with the idea of making mobiles as an extension of the Fuzzy family, but never had time to actually see it through. Thinking it wouldn't take me that long because of their small size, I severely underestimated the work. All that hand-stitching takes time! And then I had to figure out the actual hanging apparatus. I'm no woodworker, so it had to be simple enough that I could make it. Using a combination of wooden dowels, pre-formed round knobs and a cube, I was able to pull it off. I painted the center cube and ends a nice teal blue to pull it all together, added a star to the top, and voila! A mobile!

I am really happy with how it all turned out. I also really enjoyed the challenge of designing a "space". Even though my contributions were mere accessories, working with Andrea on the entire decor was a lot of fun.

Now that you have seen my creations, please head on over to Andrea's blog to see everything in its place! She did a fantastic job putting the room together. Her daughter is a very lucky girl! And, Zoe's nursery was even featured on Project Nursery! How cool is that?

On a side note - if you're in the Madison area, be sure to hit up Andrea for any of your photography needs. She is one talented lady!