Play Every Day

The talented Alyssa Nassner of Small Talk Studio has started a new blog called Positive Inking (clever!) that focuses on motivational illustrations for artists. I immediately fell in love with the idea. 

Though I consider myself a generally positive, happy-go-lucky person, there are definitely times when I fall into a rut. Sometimes it stems from lack of sleep and being overworked and other days it's from constantly comparing my work to others and feeling like I'll never be as good as the next person. Whatever the reason, an extra dose of motivation is always welcome in my life!

I decided to submit a mantra that I've been trying to stick to the last couple months: Play every day. You can find my 'Positive Inking' along with some other wonderful submissions here. And if you go RIGHT NOW, there is currently a giveaway happening to celebrate the launch of Alyssa's new blog! Bonus!