DIY {Teacher Gifts}


Today is Stella's last day of Summer School. It is her last day of being in the 3-year old Moonbeam class. Craziness!

We wanted to make a little something for her teachers to show them how much we appreciated them this last year. I saw this post over on Ez's Creature Comforts blog which inspired me to decorate mugs as teacher gifts.

Since I'm a total slacker and sat on this project until yesterday afternoon, I didn't end up getting the Porcelaine markers that Ez suggested. Those need 24 hours of air-dry time before they can be baked and set. So I went with the Sharpie Oil Based paint pens that supposedly work on metal, pottery, wood, rubber, glass, plastic and stone. I was a little nervous about the toxicity of them, but they are AP certified and Xylene-free, so they should be okay.

I gave Stella the task of drawing on them first. The paint actually dries really quick, so there wasn't a whole lot of smearing happening. Once the mug met her satisfaction, I took over and supplemented her artwork with mine. 

I thought they turned out pretty nice! The colors were nice and bright and popped well on the white ceramic mugs. Stella had a lot of fun drawing on something besides paper. All-in-all, I'd say they were a success! Hopefully her teachers like them.

Have a great weekend!