Giveaway! {Doodle A Day}

This giveaway is now closed.


I am suuuuper excited about today's post. You may or may not know that I have an Instagram addiction. And part of reason I cannot get enough Instagram is the Doodle A Day challenge. 

The original list is actually Photo A Day, created by a blogger named Chantelle, aka Fat Mum Slim. She comes up with the list and the prompts, and the photographers go at it. I stumbled upon the Doodle A Day challenge when my online friend Rhi of Ello Lovey posted the list for all of us doodlers out there. Well, with all of my spare time (ha!) I am always looking for more things to do, so I jumped on the #DoodleADay bandwagon and I am LOVING it. 

1. Faces - August 17, 2012                                                                                    2. Strange - September 16, 2012

When I draw for myself, I typically gravitate towards the same subject matter - my family, flowers or woodland animals. But these new prompts would encourage me to get out of my box and draw other things. Plus, it has been so interesting seeing the interpretations of all the other artists on Instagram that are participating. If you're on Instagram and are interested in joining, just follow the hashtag #doodleadayoct and get drawing!

Anyways - now that you have the backstory, I want to give you a chance to win three prints from my shop!

I have a big art show coming up November 10 (more on that later) and I am going to introduce some new illustrated prints to my lineup. Since I now have over two months of daily doodles under my belt, I'd like to digitize some of them for my shop. This is where you come in - I'd love your input! 

First I need you to Like my Emily Balsley Illustration Facebook page. Then under Photos, click on the Doodle A Day album to see the whole lineup from August 1 - present. Under the Giveaway post on the Emily Balsley Illustration page wall, please leave a comment and tell me your top 3 doodle picks you'd like see become prints.

If you leave a comment with your picks, you will be automatically entered to win your choice of any 3 prints from my shop!

Please leave your comment by Monday, October 15, 2012 at 11:59pm CST to be entered in this giveaway. Winners will be announced via Facebook on October 16.

3. Three Things - September 24, 2012                                                                                    4. Writing - August 6, 2012

If you'd like more chances to enter, share this giveaway on your blog...twitter...facebook, you name it! You will get an extra entry for every share - just be sure to leave a comment letting me know you shared - for EVERY ONE - either on this post or the Giveaway Facebook post!

I'm so excited to see what y'all pick! And again, thanks SO much for your input. I cannot tell you how much I value your opinion!

If you've decided to participate in #doodleaday on Instagram, let me know your handle - I'd love to follow you! You can find me at emilybluestar.