Sketchbook {Fundraiser}


I wanted to share this fun little project I did back in August. We were on vacation, and one of my friends contacted me hoping I could help her out with a last minute project. She was having a fundraiser party at her house and needed a flyer to help promote it. Well, since I was on vacation, all I had accessible was my sketchbook. I told her I could only do a drawing, and take a picture of it with my phone. She was game. And I was up for the challenge.

What's funny is that, even though I don't typically do a lot of alterations once I scan in my drawing, I KNOW that I have the option. It's nice to be able to move a word over a bit or enlarge something if necessary. But NOT having the capabilities to fix something in Photoshop means all the pressure is on to make the initial drawing just right. And with the large amount of text that was to be included, there were even more elements to take into consideration.

My friends were doing a 'Bike the Barns' tour for Community Supported Agriculture, hence the bikes, barn and veggies. All-in-all, I had a lot of fun with this flyer, and I was glad I got to help out a friend.

Have a great day!