Desktop Calendar {November 2012}


Well, I cheated for this one. I've been so overwhelmed by preparing for the Trunk Show and other miscellaneous daily distractions, I did not have any time to make a brand-new calendar for November.


Since I have a whole sketchbook full of super cool daily doodles from August and September, I thought I could recycle one into the new desktop calendar. I hope that's okay!

And now that it is colored, I actually really like how it turned out. I chose to scan the doodle right in and color it without re-drawing it in Photoshop. I kept the light grey marker shading in, which actually creates a nice texture. All-in-all, I'm digging it and it is inspiring me to play around with this technique a bit. See? Sometimes good things come from taking the easy route...

You can click on the above image and save it to your computer, or you can also find it herePlease note that this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

Hope y'all had a fun Halloween! I'll be doing a full blog post on Stella's homemade costume within a few days. And she brought in quite the candy haul tonight - 80+ pieces! Wowza! She is definitely my daughter. Now hopefully she shares!