Robbin' from the Rich to Give to the Poor {Halloween 2012}

We love Halloween in our house. And this year, the excitement was more than it has ever been. As of last year, Stella figured out what it was all about, so the last few months have been "Halloween costume this and Halloween costume that". Once again, I wanted to make her costume, but there is always the looming possibility that she chooses to be a Princess - in that case, I'd rather buy the costume than deal with all the tule and lace.

As Halloween got closer, the discussions were more serious - what WAS she going to choose? She decided she wanted to incorporate bow and arrows. Cool! That left us with 3 possibilities - Katniss (though she's a bit young for the Hunger Games), Robin Hood and Princess Merida from Brave. We were sure she was going to choose Princess Merida. But, alas - she wanted to be Robin Hood! Hooray! We loved the idea, and I could actually make her costume once again!

This one was pretty easy. I bought her some green tights and a long sleeved green shirt for under her tunic. This was also the excuse I had been waiting for to buy her a pair of mocassins. She picked out some brown fake suede for her tunic and quiver, in which I stitched some green contrast stitching around the hems for a fun little detail. We got a piece of leather cord to tie around her waist, and I made a simple green hat from this tutorial I found online. She requested a pink feather in her hat - of course I obliged!

She had so much fun being Robin Hood! After lots of practice with the bow and arrows, she was finally able to shoot an arrow - though not very far. I don't think it mattered, though - she was having a blast!

Any fun costumes in your household this year?