Holiday Card {2012}

I realize it is a WEE bit late to be posting about the holidays, but since folks in my neighborhood are still turning on their Christmas lights, it can't be THAT late, right?

Like always, the goal of our cards is to depict something fun and holiday-ish as a family. This year we went with the Bringing-Home-The-Christmas-Tree theme - one of our favorite traditions! It seems that something funny always seems to happen to us when we are getting our tree. 

I have to tell you the best story, though. It happened 6 or 7 years ago when we decided to purchase our tree up in Northern Wisconsin (where they're cheaper) and haul it the 2.5 hours back to Madison. We weren't on the highway for more than 2 minutes when all of a sudden, something just felt weird. I can't really explain it. Stephen and I looked at one another in confusion, and we both realized at the same time that our tree had flown off the roof of our car! Sure enough, there it was, lying in the middle of a 3-lane highway. It had ripped our roof rack right off. Thankfully, traffic was light that day, and there was ample room for everyone to respond and avoid running it over. We pulled over, and were able to retrieve it and tie it back on the roof with lots and lots of bungee cords - all the way through the inside of our car this time. There was no way we were going to lose this tree again. We got it home, and other than a pretty big dent on one side of the tree that we hid in the corner, it looked pretty good! 

So - there's a lesson here - do NOT tie your Christmas tree to your roof rack. Secure it to your CAR. Capisce? 

This year's card was printed on French Paper Dur-O-Tone Butcher Extra Blue. Though I loved the color, the coverstock was a bit too lightweight for my liking. Note to self: Stick to 100lb paper. It was screen printed in two colors - white and a dark, dark teal. I tend to avoid the uber-traditional Christmas colors, and I was really happy with this color scheme. 

Like every year, Stephen wrote the poem for inside. But this year, I decided to do him a favor and screen print the inside as well (usually he hand-writes the poem). Man, was that a time-saver! I love what he wrote. I'm lucky to have such a talented copywriter!

I have to say, I was really pleased with this one. It depicted our tree hunting adventures in a whimsical way, Stella's hair turned out great, and our hound dog Chloe even made it this year!

I still have a few left over. If you are interested in receiving a belated holiday card from me, email me your address! I'd love to send you some Balsley cheer! Next year, I'm hoping to be organized enough to send all my online friends cards BEFORE Christmas. We'll see...  :-)