Project {Striped Origami Heart Garland}

Last night I had the pleasure of hanging out with some lovely artsy ladies in my neighborhood. Every month they get together to make an organized craft. From terrariums to valentines to cute little wall hangings, they find the coolest projects to make! Last night was my first time in attendance, and I had a blast crafting and getting to know them better. And, they have a fun blog where they post recipes, inspiration and other creative projects. You should definitely check it out!

I wanted to share our project from last night: Striped Origami Heart Garland. Found on Jessica's blog, these hearts were super simple and VERY satisfying to make!

Why does that look like a plastic backdrop behind those hearts? Because it is! If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that our house is undergoing a MAJOR overhaul. As of Monday, our kitchen has been completely ripped out down to the studs, and our dining room has been made into the builders' workspace. So my family is basically spending all of our awake time in the living room. It's pretty cozy! I keep telling myself it's like living in a studio apartment in NYC...or camping...or something else adventurous like that.

Back to the garland. When I found out what we'd be making, I was stoked. I knew this is just what I needed to bring a little fun and whimsy to our plastic shell.

Isn't that cute? It definitely livens up the plastic curtain dividing our house. Hopefully the builders don't mind...

So if you're looking for a simple decoration to celebrate Valentine's Day (or any other day!), head over to How About Orange for more details. And have fun!