Wintery Wedding Invites


Today I'm excited to share one of my favorite projects from the past year. Our close friends Brian and Courtney got married in January and I had the pleasure of designing their wedding invitation suite.

They decided to profess their love for each other in a snowy field on a cold Wisconsin afternoon. With this beautiful setting in mind, we played around with a wintery theme for their invites.

I sent them a few concept sketches to get things started. 1) Every year they go on a ski trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They envisioned a scene of the two of them sitting on a bench facing the mountains with their trusty dogs at their sides. 2) Their party was to be held at the High Noon Saloon - we explored the idea of a subtle western-style theme. 3) They also liked the idea of an image of their dogs pulling them in their wooden dog sled.

They were ecstatic about the sketches, and chose to combine the concepts and use bits and pieces from the three. The winter theme was the focus of the invitations, but I was able to pull in the wood board sign to represent the rugged nature of the saloon.

Brian and Courtney encouraged me to 'do my thing', so I ran with it! I loved having the freedom to express their love in my style, and I even decided to paint the whole thing in gouache. 

Since this was the first time I had to reproduce my paintings, I decided to get them professionally printed - and I am SO happy with that decision. The printer did an amazing job, and you can even see my brush strokes - exactly what I wanted.

I had such a blast with this project! I learned so much throughout the process and I am so happy I got to be a part of our friends' special day.