Sketchbook Project 2012 {Part 2}


I'm back today with the follow-up post to Friday's Sketchbook Project 2012 {Part 1}. Thank you all for your kind comments on Part 1! The project was such a labor of love, it is great to see such a positive response. :-)

We left off after introducing the characters and the setting. Next up, the elephants!

The elephants depleted their peanut supply, and got a whiff of peanut butter from a factory over yonder.
They made their way over to the factory and broke in through the window.
Once the elephants made their way inside, the workers ran for their lives!
The PBJ workers ran to the PBCM factory and stole a large vat of peanut butter.
The PBCM workers chased down the PBJ workers and tried to reason with them.
They had an idea. If they worked together, they may be able to fix the issue.
They quickly returned to the PBJ factory.
There they found the elephants very full of peanut butter and tuckered out. "Come with us!", they called.
The workers brought the elephants to the field of green.
"Look! Plenty of peanut plants!"

Peanut Butter - back cover.
Well, that's it! Even though the story isn't perfect, this project was a great challenge. It is one of my dreams to one day illustrate a book, and this was a good opportunity to think of the book as a whole, break down the ideas, conceptualize the spreads and create interesting compositions that keep the reader engaged. 

Speaking of keeping the reader engaged, here is a photo of Stella reading my sketchbook:

My heart melted.

Thanks for reading along!