New Morning Nursery {Invitation}

Today I am so happy to share a small community project I got to participate in. 

There is a wonderful school in our neighborhood called New Morning Nursery that has a big fundraising silent auction every Spring. This year, the money raised would go to building and furnishing a new room at the school. 

After meeting with the PTO President who was in charge of organizing the event, I presented her with two sketches:

The first showed the iconic castle-like school up on the hill, with children carrying supplies up towards the building.

The second sketches were variations upon the same theme: a couple kids shouting the tagline out of their megaphones.

We decided to go with sketch #1 for the front of the invitation postcard, but incorporating the megaphone kids on the back side.

Here's the final sketch, utilizing red as the accent color.

What a fun project! I also contributed an auction item, which I will talk about in a later post.

Have a wonderful week! Can you believe June is just around the corner?