Home Decor {MATS Week 2}

Well, there are two weeks down in this first session of Make Art That Sells with Lilla Rogers. Last week focused on the Home Decor market - a market that I honestly hadn't given much consideration.

On Monday we were given our Mini Assignment - instead of focusing on typical floral imagery such as daisies and tulips, we were to take it a step further and draw "Odd Pods" - seed pods. Who knew it could be such fun?

The shapes are still very organic, but it was the textures and the details that were so interesting. I think I could have sketched pods for days and days. Now I am curious about all flowers - what do their seed pods look like? Some of them I've already noticed, such as Allium, "Helicopters" and Poppy, but I'm going to have to pay attention to the life cycle of the flowers in our garden and do some more sketching studies throughout the season...

The main assignment was applying our seed pod drawings to the design of plates - and in a round format - something I've never had to do!

Side Note - last week, when designing the fabric, I kinda struggled with the teal pattern. After analyzing my process, I realized it was because I hadn't figured out the general composition BEFORE I sat down at the computer. I had literally opened up a white background and started importing my individual mushroom drawings. Then I scaled and rearranged from there. It was quite frustrating because I never felt there was a good balance, and I realized afterwards it was because of my approach. I rarely start digitizing my work without getting at least a rough concept composed in my sketchbook to work from. So I think that is why I was so stuck when putting together my second pattern - though I had all the elements, I still felt pretty rudderless when creating the design.

For the plates, I decided to take what I learned from the previous week and compose the circular designs in my sketchbook first, THEN take them to the computer. That worked MUCH BETTER. By the time I scanned them in, I was very comfortable with the compositions and I was excited to start playing around with color. Here are some of the sneak peeks I posted on Instagram of my pod compositions:

I played around with layering large shapes behind finer details and scaling the pods for a more interesting composition. I also drew my lines with the intention of adding shapes of color to help finish off the pods.

I was inspired by the color palette of this dress in the May 2013 J.Crew catalog:

I decided the green/neon yellow/fuschia color scheme would really pop on some plates. 

Here are the five finished designs integrating pods, a saturated palette and a bit of color blocking. I think they're really dynamic.

And just like the first week, I am constantly amazed by the talent and varying approaches to the assignments by the artists in my class. Everyone is so fabulous!

Have an excellent week!