Global Talent Search

The final assignment in the Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells course wasn't exactly a MATS challenge - it was for Lilla's newest endeavor - the Global Talent Search. Lilla and her team are looking for some new talent - and they're having a contest to find the best of the best. The winner would win two years representation from Lilla Rogers studio and some amazing licensing deals. Wow!

The assignment was designing a Journal cover for Paperchase with a classic playground theme. Fun! Since playgrounds are generally pretty spread out, I thought it would be tricky to showcase many different apparatuses (apparati?) on one cover, I decided to focus on one. Here are some of my sketches:

I was really drawn to the one in the upper right - I thought it was an interesting approach to the climbing apparatus, and I could have fun with the typography and characters' expressions.

I liked the idea of doing a super-saturated color palette on a Kraft cover - I thought it would make the colors pop even more. I personally love the combination of very solid color blocking and the mottled Kraft paper texture. 

So, here's my final submission!

One of my biggest takeaways from Lilla's MATS class was attention to detail. I had a lot of fun bringing these characters to life with this assignment. For example - the bird's tank top has a hopscotch graphic, and the bear's t-shirt is actually a merry-go-round! 

I submitted my journal fairly early in the process and tried not to think about it over the last couple weeks. I didn't want to stress out. I was really proud of my work and knew it was the best I could do. It turns out over 1500 people submitted from over 30 countries, so I knew there was amazing talent out there. Either way, I had an awesome piece for my portfolio.


This morning I woke up to an email announcing the top 50 finalists - AND I WAS ONE OF THEM!! Hooray! Check out the rest of the top 50!

Wow! I am still in shock. I never did end up getting a mention in Part A of Make Art That Sells, and admittedly, I was pretty disappointed. But being shortlisted in this competition makes up for it. Now I have to gear up for the next assignment as Lilla narrows it down even further. Ahhhh!

Thanks again for following me throughout this journey!