Sh*tty Barn Poster {Pieta Brown 2013}

Last night I finally got to experience The Barn. What barn, you may ask? The Sh*tty Barn is located in Spring Green, Wisconsin and it is an absolutely wonderful music venue. 

As they describe it, The Sh*tty Barn is where "Audience and performer coexist in an intimate and integrated space with as little separating instruments and ears as possible. No stage. Stripped down. Pure music love. Like having the performance in your living room (except, in this case, a sh*tty barn)." This rustic space is decorated with twinkle lights and decoupaged herons flying across the walls - and is furnished with old theater seats and log benches around the perimeter. It's bring-you-own-chair, and we all squeeze in to the cozy space. They have a great selection of beer and wine and a campfire warms those who are hanging outside on the lawn. It is quite the experience.

My friend Erin is very involved in the Barn. When it first opened, she took on the task of designing the gig posters for every show - quite the task, when there are dozens of shows every season. These days, she puts the call out to her designer friends to help her with the work load. I got the opportunity to design my first gig poster for the Pieta Brown show!


Me and my poster at the Sh*tty Barn
When I started the project, I was unfamiliar with Pieta's music. But I really loved it once I started listening to it - folksy, ethereal - she tells her stories with her wonderfully sweet and calming voice. I wanted my poster to reflect how I felt when I immersed myself in her music.

Pieta has long bangs and full lips. And she often sings with her eyes closed. So I decided to create a portrait of her, filling her hair with an intricate pattern of folksy icons. I even included a corn cob or two since she is from Iowa.

This was such a fun challenge! I'll admit I was a little overwhelmed at first, because I felt the pressure of making the poster represent Pieta and her music. But once I got settled in, I really enjoyed the process.

After the show last night, I got to meet Pieta and her band - they were so sweet and kind! I got a couple photos taken with them and had them all sign my poster. What a way to remember my experience. It was perfect.

If you're ever in the Madison, I highly recommend taking the hour drive west of Madison to visit Spring Green. It has a lot to offer - in addition to The Sh*tty Barn, you can find American Players Theatre, Taliesin and The House on the Rock. In fact, Huffington Post just named Spring Green, Wisconsin #2 on their America's Best Small Towns list. Pretty cool, eh?