Childrens' Apparel {Make Art That Sells Week 7}

Week 2 of Make Art That Sells part B was all about the Childrens' Apparel Market. Though I have never really thought about creating for kids' clothes specifically, anything for kids sounds fun, so I was all in.

Lilla gave us Camping as our theme - awesome! There are so many directions I could go. I started this assignment by writing a giant list of anything camping/woodsy related I could think of. The sketches came easily - instead of only focusing on objects, I could draw activities, as well. I decided a moose and a fox would be the stars of my collection.

I came up with a few fun scenes and phrases, and I thought they'd be nice placement graphics. I tried really, really hard to pick a color palette that wasn't typical for me. I wanted it to be a bit more sophisticated and masculine. That was tough! Way to push me out of my comfort zone...

I was having a blast with the lettering as well! I chose to keep my backgrounds simple since there was so much detail in the characters.

Once I created the three concepts, I built a few patterns that coordinate with them. The first is the main pattern, comprising of all the camping gear the fox and moose would need to hike, hang out by the fire and canoe.

And then some trees and stripes for the next two patterns:

By the time I finished with these six pieces I was almost out of time! I have never pushed it so close to the deadline. I had planned on creating a hoodie with the campfire graphic and the stripe pattern inside the hood; a pajama set with the canoe graphic for the shirt and the tree pattern for the pajama pants; and two coordinating onesies with the hiking graphic on one and the gear pattern on the other. Unfortunately I didn't have time! :-(

I'm pretty proud of this collection. Though looking at it in it's entirety, I think it's a bit to dark for your typical kids' clothes. I'm planning on revisiting the palette at some point and brightening it up a bit.

Whattya think? This was super fun!

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