Keep On Keepin' On

Today we found out the final results of the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search! Unfortunately, I didn't win. Zoe Ingram took the grand prize and Daniel Roode won the special studio award. I have to say - their designs were stellar! Lilla and her team definitely couldn't go wrong with those two. My heartfelt congratulations go out to Zoe and Daniel!

I'm a bit disappointed, but I have to say, I am at peace with their decision. When I turned in my final assignment, I was extremely proud. I put my best foot forward and have absolutely no regrets. I didn't stress about it while waiting for the results - there was nothing that I could do at that point besides wait it out!

The fact that I made it this far in the competition is validation that I am on the right path. Since I have dedicated myself to illustration, I have been so happy. I am going to continue to push myself - learn more, (Make Art That Sells Part B starts on Monday!) create more, inspire more. I want to put myself out there, because I am learning that's how things happen.

Today has been a series of ups and downs. Though I am okay with the decision, seeing all the buzz surrounding the winners does sting a bit. Several people have checked in with me to see how I am fairing, and I really appreciate their sentiments! In fact, I cry every time I read their wonderful, supportive words. I am so lucky to be surrounded (both physically and virtually) by such amazing people. Thank you!

For now, I am going to keep on keepin' on!