Paper {Make Art That Sells Week 6}

School is back in session! That's right. Lilla Rogers' Make Art That Sells Part 2 started back up last week. There is no rest for the weary, that's for sure!

Week 1 was all about the Paper Market. From journals to notepads to washi tape to greeting cards, the paper market encompasses a LOT. And this is one market I am dying to get into.

On Monday we were given our mini assignment - and it was all about the holidays! Yippee! Can I say, this Mrs. Claus was VERY excited about that? We were to focus on holiday ornaments and candy. So fun! I drew lots of little icons - which are key, according to Lilla. Here's a sample of the fun I was having:

When we got our main assignment on Wednesday, we were asked to create two greeting cards utilizing our holiday icons from the mini.

While brainstorming, I was trying to think of ways to display ornaments WITHOUT relying on a Christmas tree. I thought that was too obvious. Here are some of my early concept sketches: 

They were cute, but they didn't have that somethin' somethin' I was looking for. So I kept going. Eventually I came up with these: 

So much more fun! It was time to digitize. When all was said and done, I had this card:

and this card - which was the one I ended up turning in as my final.

I had a blast with this assignment. I utilized a fresh color palette, and I feel I packed a lot of personality into these cards. I have been making a huge effort to maintain a good balance of strong graphic shapes and detailed line work. And, I'm trying really hard to give my characters different expressions and features. This is so fun!

And you should definitely go check out some of my classmates' work - it was great seeing all the different interpretations of the theme : Denise, Tammie, and Lauren.

Until next time,