Scrapbooking {Make Art That Sells Week 8}

Hi there! 

I'm back with another Make Art That Sells recap. Last week was all about the scrapbooking market. I'll be honest - I was probably the least excited about this topic. I think it's because I had preconceived ideas about what scrapbooking was all about and I generalized who the target consumer would be. I apologize if this offends you. But what I realized after Lilla's instruction, there is opportunity for many different styles and mediums - including mine! That's what I get for being close-minded! :-O

Wow, scrapbooking is all about STUFF. Borders, stickers, stamps, fancy papers, buttons and other embellishments - I can see why people have so much fun with it! Lilla showed us lots of examples and assigned us our mini assignment focusing on vintage cameras and typewriters. 

What an assignment! I choose to do my initial drawings using only pen (no pencil sketches), so the angles and high level of detail in these instruments really flexed my brain - trying to get it right the first time. Lilla chose these subjects BECAUSE of the details - and boy, was she right. I have to say - it was fun deconstructing the objects into their little parts and pieces - it really gave me a good idea of what they were all about. And you'll see later in my icons - I was able to incorporate some of these details in a fun and unexpected way!

For our main assignment, we were supposed to design a full page of scrapbooking 'bits and bobs' that could eventually become stickers, chip board cutouts, buttons, washi tape - you name it. And of course, use the cameras and typewriter drawings to create a "Recording Your Life" theme.

I started out by drawing a bunch of simplified typewriters, but it quickly turned into typewriter and camera characters - robots, maybe? I was really attracted to the form of the type bars, and I thought it would be fun to transform them into fancy hairdos, teeth and facial hair. Things were getting goofy, and I was trying to figure out how to tie all of my ideas together into one concise theme. 

I utilized some sound effects, phrases and positivity, along with a happy color scheme to pull it all together. I'm still not sure if it exactly meets Lilla's Recording Your Life theme, but I sure had fun with it! After learning all about the scrapbooking market, I think I could really enjoy immersing myself in themes and creating lots of these bits!

Once again, it was so neat seeing my classmates' interpretations. Here are a few for your perusal: Gabriella, MarianaIne and Denise.