Guest Posts


In the last two weeks I have been honored to be a part of two lovely ladies' blogs: 

First up, Kate Erickson, of KMericks Spreadable Joy

Kate is a painter with a wonderful blog showcasing her art and inspirations and talks about adding joy to your life. She shares her favorites, tips on exploring your style, boosting creativity and even interviews artists. Recently, I was interviewed on Kate's blog! Get to know me a little bit better right here. It was so fun - please check it out and say hi to Kate!

Next, I was a guest blogger on Lilla Rogers's blog!

Since I've been talking about Lilla for months, I probably don't need to introduce her. But just in case, Lilla Rogers was a full-time, very successful illustrator in the 1980s. In the mid-90s, her top students asked her to represent them and Lilla Rogers Studio was born. Today her studio represents 30+ artists internationally. Since Lilla is an artist herself, she really understands the creative process and how to maximize her artists' potential. I participated in her inaugural Make Art That Sells course, where we focused on 10 illustration markets and learned a TON about the illustration business.  

In my guest post, I talked about my experiences with Make Art That Sells and the Global Talent Search and my recent journey into illustration. Please read it here!

Thanks for letting me share my story with you!