Daily Projects

In addition to my client work, I dedicate time to personal projects. These give me the opportunity to explore new mediums, techniques, and subject matter. Most of said personal work is in the form of daily challenges. Sometimes I follow public challenges on social media, such as #Inktober or #the100dayproject. Sometimes I make up my own challenges such as “Love Letters” or drawings for Black History Month. Here are a few examples:


100 Day Project 2016 - 100 Animals in Hats

In 2016, I decided to take a stab at my first 100 Day Project. For this challenge, I wanted to explore my favorite subject matter - animals! I was trying to think of a way I could depict 100 animals 100 different ways, and I landed on hats. Believe it or not, there are over 100 hat styles! These illustrations are mixed media - the animals are paper collages, combined with the inked frames. Each portrait is roughly 4”. My daughter also participated in this challenge, making it extra special. You can find the entire series on Instagram under #100animalsinhats.

100 Day Project 2017 - 100 Days of Drawing a Home

For the 2017 100 Day Project I wanted to do something more interactive - that would allow me to connect with people over social media. I put a call out asking for volunteers to send me a photo of their home - be it a house, an apartment, a lean-to, or a castle. I wasn’t sure I’d get enough to fill 20 days, much less 100 - but in the end I had WAY more than I needed! I decided to do little paintings to help hone my gouache skills - so each home is a combination of gouache, ink, and colored pencil. This was such a fun exercise; not only was I able to meet so many people through their homes, but it was a great way to learn more about different architectural styles and travel the world a bit - as I drew homes in several different countries. You can find the whole series under #100daysofdrawingahome.

100 Day Project 2018 - 100 Days of I Love You

I have never done a hand-lettering challenge before, so the 2018 100 Day Project was the moment. I wanted to letter something light and cheery - to bring some love and happiness into this world. It seemed so obvious - “I LOVE YOU”! Not only did I want to write “I Love You” 100 times, but I wanted to do it in 100 different languages - a true challenge for someone who only really speaks English. With the help of my social media friends and a LOT of internet research, I was able to translate “I Love You” 100 ways. If you notice any inaccuracies though, PLEASE let me know - as I will update them to ensure these are as accurate as possible. Thank you! You can find the whole series at #100daysofiloveyou.