Circus imagery is so fun. First, it involves a lot of different animals, which I always love drawing. Secondly, there are many different shapes,
textures and bold patterns that play into my style perfectly. For 10,000 Thrills I utilized a more geometric approach which gave this collection a funky, modern twist.

Flying High is inspired by my daughter, Stella. I am always seeking aspirational imagery that ISN'T princesses and queens. The majority of super girls that I found during my research
stage were extremely buxomand hard-edged - again, not necessarily the best imagery for my daughter to aspire. I wanted my heroine to be a regular girl, complete with braids, glasses
and cowboy boots and her cute sidekick dog, Button. And her super power? Love, of course.

As a kid growing up in the early 80s, I am of the generation that grew up before computers, but am well-versed in computer technology as an adult. Therefore, even
though I love my smart phone and tablet, I still feel nostalgic of my childhood - the simpler times when we just ran around the neighborhood all summer long. Little
Explorers is inspired the idea of kids exploring the great outdoors and finding value in curiosity and boredom - and NOT screens.